Flags of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Flag

The red is said to represent the vitality of the land and people, the warmth and energy of the sun, and courage and friendliness. The white is said to represent the sea, the purity of national aspirations, and the equality of all men, and the black represents strength, unity and purpose, and the natural resources. Red stands for 'people's genersity and sunlight', white for 'equality and sea' and black for 'tenacity and vocation for unity'.

The national flag was designed by the Independence Committee and selected to be used as the National Flag in 1962. Its colours are Red, White and Black. Red is the colour most expressive of our country, it represents the vitality of the land and its people, it is the warmth and energy of the sun, the courage and friendliness of the people. White is the sea by which these lands are bound; the cradle of our heritage; the purity of our aspirations and the equality of all men under the sun. The Black represents for us the dedication of the people joined together by one strong bond. It is the colour of strength, of unity, of purpose and of the wealth of the land. The colours chosen represent the elements Earth, Water and Fire which encompass all our past, present and future and inspire us as one united, vital, free and dedicated people.

Presidential Flag

the President's flag is a dark blue field with a big national coat of arms in a golden laurel wreath.

The coat of arms represents the three ships of Colombus who landed in Trinidad in 1498. The top of the shield depicts two hummingbirds. The supporters are two local birds, a scarlet ibis and a cocrico, respectively. The shield stands on waves breaking against the rocky coasts of the islands. The flag was chosen from designs sent by the public.

Prime Minister Flag

The flag of the primie minister is white with the state flag in the upper left corrner and the Coat of Arms in a laurel wreath centered on the right half of the flag.